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When it comes to making significant real estate decisions, whether it’s buying, selling, building, or renting, you need an experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent you can trust. At Karen Bloemhoff and her team, we understand that the best way to assess our capabilities and commitment is through the experiences of those who have worked with us.

Before you make your real estate move in Cozumel, we invite you to ask for reviews from people who have been in your shoes before. We’re thrilled to share a selection of client reviews that reflect the high level of service, dedication, and expertise we provide. These are just a glimpse of the many clients we’ve had the privilege of serving, and they’re more than willing to share their experiences with you.

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These are just a few examples of the positive feedback from satisfied clients of Karen Bloemhoff and her team. If you’re interested in hearing more about their experiences or have specific questions, Karen is more than happy to connect you directly with her clients for further insights. Don’t hesitate to reach out for more details and discover how Karen Bloemhoff and her team can assist you in your Cozumel real estate endeavors.

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Latest Reviews

If I could give Karen 100 stars I would.

If I could give Karen 100 stars I would.. In the past I worked with 2 other realtors on the island and neither came close to her. Karen represented me in the selling of my house that I built in 2008 and in the subsequent purchase of a condo in town. She is incredibly busy… Read more “If I could give Karen 100 stars I would.”

N. Gould

Alejandra & Karen were superb

Alejandra & Karen were superb. They basically did everything from start to finish. The process was different from real estate in USA. We were very happy with service & special attention to details of all transactions. Not only did they guide us through a few difficulties with paperwork (My Canadian wife & I being American).… Read more “Alejandra & Karen were superb”

Lowee & Myrna Choat

Karen and her team are amazing

Karen and her team are amazing! My husband and I decided to buy a home internationally and we are extremely grateful for Karen and Alejandra in this process. There were times when only my husband could make the trip to Cozumel and everyone went above and beyond to video call me in and give me… Read more “Karen and her team are amazing”

K. Brissenden

Alejandra was fantastic

Alejandra was fantastic! We tried briefly to sell our home privately but were not successful. Alejandra was able to sell it within 2 months. We were trapped away from the island due to COVID-19 and she handled everything for us remotely. She communicated great during the whole process. Could not be happier with the… Read more “Alejandra was fantastic”

T. Anschutz

Karen and Alejandra were wonderful to work with

Karen and Alejandra were wonderful to work with on the purchase of our home. They were able to clearly explain the process of purchasing as foreigners, and helped every step of the way, including working with the bank on setting up the fedeicomiso, or trust. And even after the sale, they recommended property managers, helped… Read more “Karen and Alejandra were wonderful to work with”

D. Waleri

Fueron muy puntuales y profesionales

Fueron muy puntuales y profesionales. Siempre me mantuvieron informado y respondieron a todas mis preguntas y dudas. Los trámites fueron fáciles y claros. Ale siempre estuvo pendiente de los detalles. En resumen, quedé muy satisfecho con todo el proceso. Las recomiendo sin… Read more “Fueron muy puntuales y profesionales”

A. Petersen

Quedé muy satisfecha con la venta de mi casa

Quedé muy satisfecha con la venta de mi casa en Cozumel, Karen y su equipo son muy profesionales, eficientes y eficaces. Te llevan de la mano durante todo el proceso para que no falte un solo detalle, tanto en inglés como en español. Son expertos en bienes raíces. Karen un gran ser humano en todos… Read more “Quedé muy satisfecha con la venta de mi casa”

G. Reguera

Working with Karen and her team on the sale

Working with Karen and her team on the sale of our house could not have been better. Their experience and understanding of the different pieces that need to come together to have a deal completed surpass others that we have worked with in Cozumel and would not hesitate to fully recommend their services for purchase… Read more “Working with Karen and her team on the sale”

J. Pomerantz

I have been coming to Cozumel for almost 27 years

I have been coming to Cozumel for almost 27 years so I know my way around the island. We’ve stayed at all inclusive hotels, time shares, rentals from other realtors on the island. We are headed down for Carnival this year at the last minute. Was recommended by a acquaintance/ friend to call Karen Bloemhoff.… Read more “I have been coming to Cozumel for almost 27 years”

T. Kissane

My wife and I had a wonderful experience

My wife and I had a wonderful experience working with Karen and her team. This was our first time buying a property in Mexico and Karen helped us navigate the entire process with ease. We always felt that she had our best interest in mind and made sure that we understood all the details and… Read more “My wife and I had a wonderful experience”

I. Malik

We knew that we wanted to find a house in Cozumel

We knew that we wanted to find a house in Cozumel, but of course we were hesitant, not having ever bought a house in a foreign country. We researched more than most would, and Karen Cozumel Real Estate just kept coming up, with the best selection of properties and great reviews. Knowing that helped, but… Read more “We knew that we wanted to find a house in Cozumel”

A. Friedman

Although I have lived in Cozumel for 23 years, this was my first purchase of real estate.

Although I have lived in Cozumel for 23 years, this was my first purchase of real estate. I waited a long time to find just the right house, at just the time, at just the right price. Having lived in Cozumel for so long, I know all the realtors on the island. I contacted Karen… Read more “Although I have lived in Cozumel for 23 years, this was my first purchase of real estate.”

S. Hurwitch

We bought a house in Cozumel with Karen and Alejandra in August 2021

We bought a house in Cozumel with Karen and Alejandra in August 2021 It was the best experience ever! These 2 ladies did all the work long distance and it went so smooth. We just came back for closing and everything was done in an hour. They answered all our questions and concerns. And in… Read more “We bought a house in Cozumel with Karen and Alejandra in August 2021”

Genia Lazarov

My wife and I recently decided to buy some property on Cozumel.

Edmond Bliven

My wife and I recently decided to buy some property on Cozumel. Karen and Ale were beyond helpful and incredibly professional. They held our hand through out the whole process, and instructed us on all legal procedures in Mexico. We absolutely loved our experience with them and have already referred two other clients to work… Read more “My wife and I recently decided to buy some property on Cozumel.”

Edmond Bliven

When we first decided that it was time to buy a Cozumel home

David W Hylan Jr. and Troy Hylan 02

When we first decided that it was time to buy a Cozumel home, we must admit we were overwhelmed. Karen Bloemhoff was recommended by two American friends who used her services to purchase their home in paradise.  Knowing little about the market, the buying process, and the area we wanted to buy, finding a patient… Read more “When we first decided that it was time to buy a Cozumel home”

David W Hylan Jr. and Troy Hylan

Buying during COVID in Cozumel Mexico

It took us several years to finally decide to buy a home in Cozumel, a place we love for vacation and more. Only because of Karen Bloemhoff’s professionalism and patience did we finally have enough trust in someone to do it this year! What a year to buy a house anywhere, with the COVID 19… Read more “Buying during COVID in Cozumel Mexico”

Properties Sold

Casa de la Luna

casa de la luna review

“We recently sold our house in Cozumel. Thanks to Karen and her professionalism everything went smooth for us sellers, and buyers. What we liked about Karen, as a realtor, is that her and her team have a deep knowledge of Mexican real estate law. Something that really sets her apart. Her knowledge and feel of… Read more “Casa de la Luna”

Spela and Alejandro Magaña from Slovakia and Mexico

El Cantil, a little piece of Paradise

We have been visiting Cozumel since the 80’s and diving with Karen and her husband since 2009. On a recent dive trip with them, we asked Karen to take a look at local real estate – just out of curiosity.  Karen carefully assessed what might be best for us and showed us a short list… Read more “El Cantil, a little piece of Paradise”

Gregor and Terry from the USA

Las Ventanas

las ventanas review

Buying a 3 bedroom condo in Las Ventanas Cozumel I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you how much we appreciate your help in our search for a condo in Cozumel. I’ve wanted to find something in Cozumel for many years, but dreaded the complexities of buying something in a foreign country.… Read more “Las Ventanas”

Gary from Texas

Selling Casa Ixchel

We chose Karen to sell our Cozumel house because she was not only warm and friendly, but straightforward and clear in what it might take to make the sale. We started with just an idea of selling, and asked her to visit us and our house the year before we ended up putting it on… Read more “Selling Casa Ixchel”

Kathy Fletcher

Casita Gris

Casita gris Cozumel Review

Buying a 2 bedroom home downtown Cozumel  After renting for several months in Cozumel we decided it was time to look around to buy our own place. I did some research and found that Karen had been recommended by several ex-pats as well as a friend of ours. We were not dissapointed! I gave Karen… Read more “Casita Gris”

Jim & Sharon from the USA

Las Ventanas 2

las ventanas cozumel review 2016

Buying a 3 bedroom condo in Las Ventanas Cozumel Following a negative experience with another island realtor we were introduced to Karen in October of 2016. Our journey to Cozumel was a roller coaster ride including an unexpected medical diagnosis, two rejected offers, and a complete change of mind regarding the type of property that… Read more “Las Ventanas 2”

Tim Stephan & Doug Gardner from the USA


palomar cozumel

Buying a new home in downtown Cozumel. You’re in a foreign country where they speak a foreign language and you want to buy property; this would normally be the most daunting experience a person could undertake. Not so with Karen and her team! Ali and I have been blown away by the professionalism, trustworthiness, expertise,… Read more “Palomar”

Aileen and Ali from South Africa

Casa Navidad

casa navidad cozumel

Buying a 3 bedroom home in Cozumel We really didn’t know what to expect when we started to think about purchasing a property in Cozumel.  Karen made us feel very comfortable.  She was extremely professional during the process from start to finish.  She took time to make sure we understood everything.   Karen was also very… Read more “Casa Navidad”

Cheryl & Don from the States

Dreams Accomplished

Villa Trivento

From our very first meeting with Karen in 2007 to our most recent conversation regarding rental options for our new home, we have come to deeply appreciate our relationship with Karen. When we first thought about committing to build a home in Cozumel, we knew we would have a consummate professional on our side in… Read more “Villa Trivento”

Ken and Gillian from Canada

Casa Cielito

casa cielito cozumel review

Building a brand new 3 bedroom home in town. For most of us buying or building a house is the biggest investment we’ll ever make. Doing this at home is one thing but buying or building in a foreign country is an entirely different story, especially when you do not speak the native language. My… Read more “Casa Cielito”

Susanne (from Germany) & Vincent (from France)

Mandalay Ocean Breeze

Mandalay ocean breeze cozumel review

Building a 4 bedroom ocean front design home – Villa de las Brisas Karen Bloemhoff is unique in the business world, simply wonderful.  She is very knowledgeable, reliable, prompt, and honest.  She has assisted and guided us as we  bought property and built houses in Cozumel during the last seven years. She has been invaluable… Read more “Mandalay Ocean Breeze”

Jerry and Sharm from the USA

Hacienda Monte Cristo

Buyers of a 2 bedroom condo in the north zone of Cozumel We have worked with Karen Bloemhoff in Cozumel on many occassions. She is professional, efficient, and goes above and beyond what is expected of her. We would highly recommend her services over any other company in Cozumel. Karen is the most honest and… Read more “Hacienda Monte Cristo”

Michael and Laurie from the States

Buyers Agent

Buying an ocean view property in Cozumel

I first met Karen online in the fall of 2015 when I was looking for a place to rent in Cozumel, I did some Google searches to find rentals and sent out emails to a few people requesting information about their rentals. Karen was the first one to respond and was the most helpful. Even… Read more “Buying an ocean view property in Cozumel”

Clay from the USA

A Christmas story

Christmas Story Cozumel

Buying a “for sale by owner” and after a handshake on the price – NOW WHAT TO DO? My husband and I have always known we would retire on “some beach, some where” and in fact when life hit rough patches that was our tag line to encourage each other to fight through it. Over… Read more “A Christmas story”

Kimberly and Guy from Texas, USA

Buying a 2 bedroom home in Corpus Cristi

buying a two bedrooms home in corpus cozumel

A friend of mine came from the USA to work for a couple of days and rented Casa Sandy. A few month later we were talking, I mentioned to him that I was looking for a house for my parents, he then recommended it to me because it was just one floor. no steps. anything… Read more “Buying a 2 bedroom home in Corpus Cristi”

Sandra and Philippe Dupuit (from Mexico and France)

Selling the Retreat in Corpus Cristi

Edmond Bliven

Karen was a breath of fresh air for me after a bad experience with another realtor. Before I met her I bought land and built a home with three units one block from the ocean. I lived in paradise for 9 years and learned that there is a wide variety in the quality of professionals.… Read more “Selling the Retreat in Corpus Cristi”

Clare from Great Britain

Selling Villa Bamboo

selling villa bamboo cozumel review

Villa Bamboo Karen has been my friend long before she was “my real estate agent”. We built our house in 2010. We, my Mexican husband and me a Dutch woman who has been living in Mexico for over 26 years. This was going to be our home forever. But an opportunity came up to buy… Read more “Selling Villa Bamboo”

Saskia and Nicolas