I first met Karen online in the fall of 2015 when I was looking for a place to rent in Cozumel, I did some Google searches to find rentals and sent out emails to a few people requesting information about their rentals. Karen was the first one to respond and was the most helpful. Even though she didn’t have a rental that fit what I was looking for she helped me find one that did, an oceanfront condo that was managed by a different company. I knew then that she was a good person and someone that I would want to work with. I’m a real estate Broker in the US and have been doing real estate now for just over 20 years, so I have a lot of experience dealing with real estate Agents and Brokers.

buying an ocean view property in cozumel reviewI’ve done general brokerage real estate helping buyers and sellers, I’ve done land development and built spec houses, which is what I mostly due now. So I have a very broad understanding of the real estate business and have dealt with a wide variety of people. When I went to Cozumel in February of 2016 for two weeks I met with Karen in person and looked at some various types of real estate with her to get a better understanding of the market there. Karen was very knowledgeable and able to answer any questions that I had about the properties we looked at, and also any questions that I had about the island. After I left we stayed in contact and she helped me rent another property in the fall of 2016, a house that she manages in the Corpus Cristi area. I rented that house for the month of February 2017 and while I was there I met with Karen on multiple occasions to look at more properties and also to socialize with her and her husband over dinner at a new restaurant that she suggested. Although I still haven’t purchased anything yet I will definitely work with Karen when I make that decision to buy. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else other than Karen to those looking to own property in Cozumel, she is a great agent and person, someone you can trust to always be honest and to always put her clients needs first, which is not the case with many other agents. I consider her and husband both to be good friends now and look forward to spending time with them on all my future visits, especially when I buy something and start spending a lot more time in Cozumel.

Author of the review: Clay from the USA