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Welcome to the 1st real estate blog in Cozumel, Mexico, brought to you by Karen Bloemhoff, a licensed real estate broker with over 18 years of local experience. When Karen first arrived on this paradise island in 1996, she was once in the same shoes as you are today, contemplating the move to this tropical haven. She made it happen in 2005, three weeks before Hurricane Wilma!

Life on Cozumel is undeniably great, and Karen is eager to share her wealth of knowledge to make your journey here as seamless and informed as possible.

Living in Cozumel provides a unique perspective and a treasure trove of insights. Karen is excited to offer information and resources that might not have been readily available when she first made Cozumel her home. Her blog is a window into the island’s vibrant lifestyle, real estate market, and all the hidden gems that make Cozumel truly special.

With a passion for helping people navigate the exciting world of Cozumel real estate and lifestyle, Karen is here to answer your questions, address your concerns, and provide expert guidance. If you have a fantastic idea for a new Cozumel Lifestyle and Real Estate Blog, she’s ready to turn it into engaging content that informs, inspires, and connects.

Contact Karen today and embark on a journey through her blog, where you’ll find a wealth of information to assist you in your Cozumel adventure. Let the expertise of an experienced local guide you as you explore the opportunities and treasures of this remarkable island.

Building Your Dream Home in Cozumel Mexico

“Discover Your Perfect Property: The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Dream Home in Cozumel Mexico!”   Cozumel, Mexico, with its turquoise waters, the best reefs to dive in the world, stunning beaches, numerous good restaurants and vibrant culture, is a dream destination for many from ALL over the world! For those considering Building Your Dream…

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Vacation Rentals in Cozumel Mexico

Vacation Rentals in Cozumel Mexico – La Santa Estancia Recently I was invited to see the renovation of an ocean fron villa from the 60’s “La Santa Estancia” in Cozumel in Mexico. I was pleasantly surprised on the interior design and the eye for details. It’s fantastic that the owners are able to deliver such…

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What is an Apostille?

What is an Apostille and Why do you Need it in a Real Estate Transaction in Cozumel, Mexico? A potential obstacle when doing business in a foreign country is that each country has its own method for creating and certifying documents. When you have documents that are legal in your country, how can the governing…

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Comprar propiedad en Cozumel

Comprar propiedad en Cozumel ¿Está usted considerando comprar una casa en la hermosa isla de Cozumel? ¡Yo lo hice hace más de una década estoy feliz de haberlo hecho! El primer paso es encontrar a un agente inmobiliario que le guíe. Le recomiendo que usted entreviste a varios agentes locales, incluyéndome a mí. Después, escoja…

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Make Sure You Pick the Right Agent with this Checklist When you want to sell your home in Cozumel, the Real Estate Agent you choose is going to determine three important things: How smooth the process is How quickly your home sells How much you get for your home

Selling Your Cozumel Property

Selling Your Cozumel property Make Sure You Pick the RIGHT Real Estate Broker with this Checklist.  When you want to sell your home in Cozumel, the Real Estate Broker or Agent you choose is going to determine three important things Is the sales process going to be smooth? Will my property sell quickly? How much…

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move to mexico

Move to Cozumel

Move to Cozumel – What You Need to Know When Moving to Cozumel Moving to Cozumel is bound to bring feelings of excitement and anticipation. Your new home is a tropical paradise surrounded by the warm, turquoise waters of the Caribbean, teeming with colorful life. A place where you’ll find adventure and beauty, delicious food,…

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Retire in Cozumel Mexico

Top 10 Reasons to Retire in Cozumel Cozumel, Mexico is on many people’s radar when they are considering where to retire, and for good reason! It’s a beautiful Caribbean island just 12 miles off the shore of Playa del Carmen and an hour South of Cancun by car. While being so close to these bigger cities,…

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property management cozumel

Property Management Cozumel Mexico

Property Management Cozumel Mexico Cozumel, Mexico is a treasure nestled in the Caribbean Sea right off the shore of Playa del Carmen. It abounds with delicious food, exciting tours, natural wonders, and wildlife. While small and beautiful, it is far from undiscovered. The island has a thriving economy powered by the millions of cruise ship…

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Vender propiedad en Cozumel Mexico

Vender propiedad en Cozumel Mexico

Vender propiedad en Cozumel Mexico ¿Cómo Escoger al Agente Correcto Cuando Venda Su Casa? ¿Usted tiene una propiedad en Cozumel que le gustaría vender? Si es así, usted va a necesitar un agente de bienes raíces para ayudarle. Vender su casa es una decisión que va a impactar su vida para los años venideros entonces la…

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homeowners insurance Cozumel

Homeowners Insurance Cozumel

Homeowners Insurance in Cozumel Protect your home, belongings, and family to enjoy peace of mind in paradise.   Owning a home is wonderful. You can customize it to your liking and live in it as you please while potentially earning equity over time. That being said, it also comes with a great deal of responsibility.…

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Rally Maya Mexico

Rally Maya Mexico 2018

Rally Maya Mexico 2018 Kicks Off in Cozumel! The 5th running of the Regularity-Tour Rally is coming to Cozumel May 23! What is the Rally Maya Mexico? It’s a nine-day event, running May 23 to June 1, that blends archaeology, gastronomy, sport, social responsibility, a rolling museum, and a cultural and road tour.   Up…

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long term rental cozumel

Long term rental Cozumel

Long term Rental Cozumel: where to start? Cozumel is a wonderful island with many beautiful properties that you can rent while visiting on vacation. There is also a nice selection of homes continuously coming up for sale. What is a bit harder to find, however, is a long-term rental.   With the increasing popularity of…

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