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Helpful information if you are considering in buying or moving to Cozumel

Welcome to the 1st real estate blog in Cozumel Mexico by Karen Bloemhoff .
I am a licensed real estate broker with over 14 years of local experience.

When I arrived in 2005 to this paradise I might have been exactly in the same shoes YOU are in today.

Life is GREAT living on this island and I am happy to SHARE information that could be of interest for YOU  today, which was not available when I came to live on this island many years ago.

Happy to help you with all your questions and if you have a great idea for a new Cozumel Lifestyle and Real Estate Blog I am glad to write about it

Contact me today!

move to mexico

Move to Cozumel

Move to Cozumel – What You Need to Know When Moving to Cozumel Moving to Cozumel is bound to bring feelings of excitement and anticipation. Your new home is a tropical paradise surrounded by the warm, turquoise waters of the Caribbean, teeming with colorful life. A place where you’ll find adventure and beauty, delicious food,…

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Team Karen cozumel real estate

Real estate agent Cozumel – Where to start to pick the right agent to assist you to buy or sell your home

Real estate agent Cozumel: Where to start to pick the right agent to assist you to buy or sell your home Make sure they actually understand and speak Spanish fluently, so they can understand all applicable real estate regulations and tax effects. Making sure that they are up to date in their profession. Does the agent…

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Rally Maya Mexico

Rally Maya Mexico 2018

Rally Maya Mexico 2018 Kicks Off in Cozumel! The 5th running of the Regularity-Tour Rally is coming to Cozumel May 23! What is the Rally Maya Mexico? It’s a nine-day event, running May 23 to June 1, that blends archaeology, gastronomy, sport, social responsibility, a rolling museum, and a cultural and road tour.   Up…

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