selling villa bamboo cozumel review

Villa Bamboo

Karen has been my friend long before she was “my real estate agent”.
We built our house in 2010. We, my Mexican husband and me a Dutch woman who has been living in Mexico for over 26 years. This was going to be our home forever.
But an opportunity came up to buy a bigger lot so we did. My dream is to build a big enough space to give courses and retreats.
In order to be able to build we had to sell our home. So who else to turn than my own friends Karen?!
To be honest, it took a little while.
Maybe our own emotions of not really wanting our house to let go was part of that.
But Karen staid positive and encouraging. So when suddenly the right enough offer came we took it. And the rest was actually a piece of cake.

Karen made it so simple and smooth, just getting each time the papers ready which were asked on that time, that’s all. It was extra simple because you feel that it’s not just Karen ( although she could do it all) but it’s the whole team with each of them their expertise.

It started with trust and ended with a happy 😊

Author of the review: Saskia and Nicolas