Edmond Bliven

Karen was a breath of fresh air for me after a bad experience with another realtor. Before I met her I bought land and built a home with three units one block from the ocean. I lived in paradise for 9 years and learned that there is a wide variety in the quality of professionals. When a parent was ailing I needed to rent out everything and go to Europe to be the dutiful daughter. In such a stressful time Karen found clients to rent some of the units. I have now been away 8 years and in that time she has continued to be a reliable source to find suitable renters and ultimately assist me with getting the property ready to put on the market. She is easy to contact and gives me regular updates on the viewings she does at my property.
I would highly recommend her as a trustworthy, hard-working and successful professional in Cozumel.

Author of the review: Clare from Great Britain