If I could give Karen 100 stars I would..
In the past I worked with 2 other realtors on the island and neither came close to her.

Karen represented me in the selling of my house that I built in 2008 and in the subsequent purchase of a condo in town.
She is incredibly busy but I always felt like I was her only client.

As a foreigner, there is no way that I could quickly learn the nuances of Mexican real estate transactions and the laws. Not only does Karen have this expertise but she works with the best notarios and banks who actually execute the contracts.
She is honest and detail oriented, and she is patient.
She might know that something isn’t in the best interests of her client, but she lets the client come to the understanding without being pushy.
This all takes time on her part but in my case, I never felt pressured. I appreciated that she stayed on top of everything and that both closings took place when she predicted they would. This wasn’t easy as there were outside things that she didn’t have direct control over (e.g, coordinating with the notarios, the closing and opening of fideicomisos with the trust banks, the timely transfer of funds from foreign banks, etc).

I feel like she is well respected in the real estate communit, and this is why she is able to expedite what needs to be done.

Besides being professional, Karen is a good person.
She realizes that the selling and buying of homes has an emotional component for the client. She is supportive and truly works hard to make sure the client gets what he or she looking for at a fair price.

While not a critical point, I feel that in addition to being happy with Karen’s work, I have gained a new friend in the process.