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SOME pointers to choose the right Real Estate Agent in Cozumel:

1. Find the right representative

The experience and knowledge of a dedicated real estate professional can be priceless.
A good real estate broker forms a professional and powerful team with his or her clients that makes it possible for them to have a smooth, successful, stress-free sale for the BEST price on the market today in the least amount of time.

Check if YOUR representative is State Licensed in the State of Quintana Roo Mexico.
We ARE of course!

Make sure they actually understand and speak Spanish fluently, so they can understand all applicable real estate regulations and tax effects, making sure that they are up to date in their profession.

Find out how the real estate agent will be communicating with you throughout the home sale process.

Find out if your real estate agent’s role is simply that of a sales promoter, or is he/she a knowledgeable & professional consultant that will safely lead the way to your home and your title.

Ask your real estate agent if additional real estate services are available through the agency they work for. Such as appraisal, escrow services, legal services, property management, rental management or relocation service etc.

Investigate the agent’s websites. Do they provide great information? Can you actually  find them in local searches?

Is the real estate agent using social media to cast an even wider net for people to find your home?

Make sure you do an excellent job carefully interviewing multiple real estate agents AND Brokers and ASK them what they actually have sold in the past and how long are actually they working in the local market?

Determine your needs/wants for the sale and for your new home

Selling your residence can be tricky because you have to simultaneously be thinking about where you would like to buy. First weigh your priorities.

Selling price is certainly important, but having a quick and efficient sale can often be worth accepting a slightly lower offer. Talk to your agent and make sure you’re comfortable with where your priorities are.

2. Prepare your house for showing

Under-prepared homes can be sales disasters. Your home will never get as much attention from potential buyers as when it is first listed, so clearing clutter, cleaning, making repairs, and putting your home’s best foot forward is essential.
Don’t “open for business” until your home is ready to be seen as favorably as possible.

3. Find out what your local market looks like and test your real estate agent

Being realistic about your market is the key to a smooth sale. There is no substitute for a professional real estate representative when it comes to local market knowledge.
Check to see they have enhanced their listing descriptions to make their clients’ homes stand out.

Is your agent innovative and up to date:
See if the agent is using “live showings” as part of their marketing for example?

I know for a fact that I was the 1st one in Cozumel many years ago!

4. List away!

Look at examples of the Realtor’s photography on the homes they have currently listed for sale and compare it! Lots of photos and online exposure are the key to getting a good response for your listing.
Working with an agent who uses real estate software is a great step in the right direction.
We use that, of course!
Now just “open” the house and sit back and wait for the flood of eager buyers!

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