Christmas Story Cozumel

Buying a “for sale by owner” and after a handshake on the price – NOW WHAT TO DO?

My husband and I have always known we would retire on “some beach, some where” and in fact when life hit rough patches that was our tag line to encourage each other to fight through it.
Over the past several years many of our friends have retired to Cozumel, Mexico so this is where we chose to spend any of our vacation time. We fell in love with the island and the people and decided to begin looking for that “forever home” on the island. After a few years of visiting and looking we finally found it and then we were told that was the easy part. Many stories of broken hearts and broken dreams from people who had deals fall through or go bad were told to us and then there were those who got closed the deal but it took forever.
My best girl friend introduced us to Karen Bloemhoff through text on Wednesday, Friday Karen met us in person and on Saturday she was calling us back to sign papers on our forever home.
Which is still just an empty lot, but it’s ours and it’s on the island we love.
The purchase was amazingly easy and that is because Karen and her team are amazing. We live in Texas so there was a big disconnect between us and the process but Karen and the team kept us informed everyday and we always felt like we were a part of what was happening.
We closed on our property in about 8 weeks, it was the best Christmas gift ever.
We were so at ease with Karen that we gave her a POA to close on our behalf because the process went so quickly we could not be there to sign in person. If you want to buy or sell, I would not go anywhere else.

Author of the review: Kimberly and Guy from Texas, USA