Casita gris Cozumel Review

Buying a 2 bedroom home downtown Cozumel 

After renting for several months in Cozumel we decided it was time to look around to buy our own place.
I did some research and found that Karen had been recommended by several ex-pats as well as a friend of ours.
We were not dissapointed!
I gave Karen a list of houses that we wanted to see and she made arrangements at all of them for us to visit them that week.
She was always punctual when she picked us up and informative about the properties as well as the process of buying a house in Mexico.
We ended up loving the very last house she showed us and put an offer in the following day. She came over the day after the offer was presented to let us know our offer had been accepted and explained the closing process.

We had a few glitches while waiting to close, but Karen kept us apprised of the status the entire time. We ended up closing on time (which from what I understand is not always the case in Mexico!).

Karen was also helpful in giving us information once we moved in to facilitate the name changes for all of the necessary entities.
If you are looking for a reliable, knowledgeable, no “beat around the bush” realtor, we would highly recommend Karen!

Author of the review: Jim & Sharon from the USA