We chose Karen to sell our Cozumel house because she was not only warm and friendly, but straightforward and clear in what it might take to make the sale.

We started with just an idea of selling, and asked her to visit us and our house the year before we ended up putting it on the market. After a tour, she gave us a ballpark idea of its worth, told us it could take up to a year to sell and answered some basic questions around legalities. We had seen positive comments about her on Cozumel4you and they were corroborated when we asked around. We also appreciated her excellent language skills..

The following year, we called her after a couple months of painting. repairs and gardening. She had a some limited suggestions on how to emphasize our house’s strong points and further accentuate openness and light.

We sold our house!!
Instead of the expected 1 year to sell: from the day of listing the property to the day that we closed, it was around 4 months.
Karen coached us through each step of the seemingly long closing period, empathizing but also giving reality checks of the next steps that needed to happen.
We closed and we are happy with our proceeds!

The things I liked most about working with Karen and her team (all of them were great!) were that we knew all the details would be remembered and dealt with, that we were kept in the loop at all times, and that she was clear in her communication while being very approachable with questions and processes.

I would recommend Karen without reservations if you are looking to buy or sell in Cozumel.

Author of the review: Kathy Fletcher – June 2019