It took us several years to finally decide to buy a home in Cozumel, a place we love for
vacation and more.
Only because of Karen Bloemhoff’s professionalism and patience did we finally have enough trust in someone to do it this year! What a year to buy a house anywhere, with the COVID 19 pandemic, but Karen was with us and persisted every step of the way. She kept in touch with us from when we left the island in early March 2020, to finally getting our closing date at end of June through these very difficult and trying times.
We first met Karen over two years ago when she was an agent for her former company, and have the honor of being her first customer in her newly opened agency, “KAREN Cozumel
Realtor.” Before meeting Karen, we never felt quite confident or comfortable with the agents we met.
Karen explained everything to us and calmed us down when we felt anxious or unsure of the Mexican rules and regulations in buying property in Cozumel. She patiently explained things to us, set up meetings, explained costs, and was always there immediately to answer any concerns or questions we had. Because of her ethical and professional attitude we felt we were in competent hands and that Karen always had our best interests in mind. Now, after finally completing the long awaited process of buying our house, establishing our bank trust, signing off on the paperwork, and being given “the keys” to our dream house in Cozumel, we realize
how grateful we are to Karen Bloemhoff. Her expertise, diligence, knowledge, and overall talents in all aspects of being a business woman made this a reality for us.
Best of all, we now count Karen as one of our friends and part of our continuing growing “familias” en Cozumel.
She is someone you can trust and rely upon and a very special person in the island community of Cozumel because of her vision and unique talents!
Fernand and Barbara