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Staging property dos and donts cozumel

Staging property in Cozumel to sell!

Staging property in Cozumel.  I have seen so many homes, showing to our buyers, with lots of don’ts!  I could write a book about what I have seen. Some properties are on the market for years. This has a few different reasons. Today I want to help you with Staging Property Tips that can be used to…

triathlon Cozumel

Triathlon Cozumel – THE sports destination in the Mexican Caribbean!

Triathlon Cozumel – THE sports destination in the Caribbean! With triathlon season well under way athletes travel the world to swim, bike and run.  Cozumel is THE place to be Since the event Ironman was brought to Cozumel in the year 2009. I have witnessed a drastic change for the good! Today you see local…