SEASIDE Groundfloor 102

South Hotel Zone

4 Bedrooms

4.5 Bathrooms

380 Square Meters

2,675,000 USD

SEASIDE Cozumel Mexico

This location is unbeatable, the architecture is beyond current projects known in Cozumel, the builder is using the BEST quality materials to finish this UNIQUE proyect.

The building emerges on the unique landscape that is located between the west with the Caribbean Sea and the east with the Marina,
that with its essential connection to both waters, architecture mimics the position of a body that navigated and settled in this

The clear perimeters provoke the innate horizontality of the building that provoke the sense of lightness and transparency between
both fronts, which are discontinued on the East façade with the solid concrete blocks that anchor the building on the
firm stone foundation where the services and recreation uses of the complex are planted.

Suite distribution:

A spacious terrace and immaculate garden provide a peaceful outdoor retreat, while the 3 parking spaces and private storage unit offer practical solutions to everyday needs.

Four-Bedroom Unit at ground floor with private pool
Total Area …………… 729 sqm

4.5 Bathrooms
Indoor Area …………. 380 sqm
Terrace ……………. 240 sqm
Garden …………….. 63 sqm
3 Parking Spaces ……. 38 sqm
Private Storage ………. 8 sqm

Investing in high-appreciation areas in Mexico can be a wise decision. These locations have shown steady growth and provide a good opportunity for return on investment.
Considering these valuable properties for your next investment?

WHY wait to become an owner at SEASIDE: the MOST exclusive development on the island,

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