Residencias Elementos

Cozumel Country Club

3 Bedrooms

3.5 Bathrooms

335 sq. m. / 3,605.91 Square Feet of Construction

617,500 USD

RESIDENCIAS ELEMENTOS is a gated community inside of a bird sanctuary, between jungle landscapes and mangrove swamps and a unique sporty environment.

RESIDENCIAS ELEMENTOS is the window to a new world, a sports refugee of wellness, recreation and balance.

Its inspiration comes from the conformation of being, a training space for the mind, body and spirit. Where the goal is to reach a state of peace. Between the sounds of birds, jungle landscapes, biking routes and low crystalline sea swell, it allows you to have an integral lifestyle where Elementos configures as a symbol of freedom and renewed energy.

RESIDENCIAS ELEMENTOS is the best ally today for every sports person and for those who value time, environment, tranquility and safety, a pet bike friendly space to live the best adventures.

RESIDENCIAS ELEMENTOS are modern looking homes merged in nature, with fabulous natural light and open spaces. Here you will have 6 solar panels which will give you an environmental friendly home and much more efficient. It sells fully furnished so you just have to move in and not worry about a thing.

RESIDENCIAS ELEMENTOS is the perfect place to relax and create fabulous memories with friends and family.

Since this property is under construction the images shared with you are renders so the property will have a different view/surrounding from what here is been shown.
We suggest to visit the construction site to see the actual surroundings.

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